Eliza Meadows, LMHC, CN is founder of Sound Mindfulness Group; dedicated to supporting individuals who are struggling with life circumstances, challenged by limiting self-beliefs, coping with depression or anxiety, or simply have the desire to live more fully with less suffering. She is a licensed mental health counselor and certified nutritionist in the State of Washington. Eliza brings a compassionate, mindfulness and body-centered orientation to her work as a psychotherapist. Deeply influenced by her years of extensive training with Steven Hoskinson in Somatic Experiencing (SE), her work focuses on using awareness of body sensation as a gateway to insight and healing. SE can promote nervous system regulation for correcting the negative effects of chronic stress or trauma. Eliza is also a certified instructor in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, originally developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, and offers this 8-week class three times a year at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health.

Eliza’s therapy style draws deeply on mindfulness practices and the wisdom and insight she has gained from many years of meditation and retreat practice. Eliza obtained her dual degree in clinical health psychology and nutrition at Bastyr University, one of the country’s prominent natural medicine academic institutions, where emphasis is placed on the integration of mind, body, spirit, and nature. While her practice is predominately focused on psychotherapy, she is in the unique position of offering nutrition strategies to support mental health as an adjunct to therapy. Sound Mindfulness Group is located within Alder Grove Healing Arts, a collective of practitioners offering holistic approaches including naturopathy, homeopathy, body work, acupuncture, and midwifery. With these trusted collaborative relationships, Eliza can help interested clients assemble a team approach to support their healing journey.


“I honestly practice the recommendations I give to others in my own life. In an effort to develop my mind to its greatest capacity and create an open & compassionate heart, I have undergone intensive study of Vipassana meditation and have completed over 120 days of silent meditation retreats and experimented with the best dietary plan that works for my body. I honor my body’s physical needs for movement through exercise and honor the earth that provides innumerable resources that make this life possible. Finally, because I believe in the invaluable lessons received by experiencing other cultures, I have periodically stepped out of my comfort zone for personal development and spent time in other countries. With all of my heart I believe we are all in this thing together, and the work that we each do to understand ourselves more, to learn to love and honor ourselves, each other and the earth more, and to develop compassion for all beings is the most selfless and respectable goal to undertake. Thank you for the work you are doing, keep it up; and I will keep up mine.”



Therapy issues that Eliza commonly handles include anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationship struggles, grief and loss, trauma history (physical or psychological) or interests of self inquiry and personal evolution.  She offers an integrative style of mental health counseling heavily influenced by interpersonal psychology, somatic and neuropsychology and the mindfulness traditions of today’s western meditation teachers.  She is experienced in one-on-one counseling as well as group facilitation.


Natural whole foods are the foundation of treatment to support robust mental health.  Eliza will ask more nutrition and health-related questions than most other therapists to ensure that the physical body's health is being supported and considered during treatment.  This does not mean creating menus or food plans (she will refer you to another nutritionist for that), but does mean she will help you stay accountable to your wellness goals and offer insight and guidance on best options given your concerns and goals. Nutritional supplementation is also used when appropriate.


Integrative Care

Eliza believes in integrative care and may ask that you have an additional work up done by a naturopath, acupuncturist, or other allied professional to ensure that we are assessing your case from all angles and getting you the help that you need.